Sunday Hang Out

Sunday, February 24, 2013
A Sunday hang out with the boyfie at Queensbay Mall, one day after Valentine's Day which is on 15 February 2013. We didn't celebrate Valentine's day together but we went hang out on Sunday. We did not purposely celebrate Valentine, we just go out for a walk. We watched 'I Love Hong Kong' movie and had our lunch and dinner together. We also took some pictures there. 'I Love Hong Kong' movie is so funny and more nice to watch as compared to last year's version. I laughed till I really cried in the cinema. There are a lot of movies that I wanna watch but I just don't have the time...! Below are some pictures we took, cause I saw some pretty wallpapers near Seoul Garden restaurant so I just take out my S2 to snap some pictures.

We just went home after our dinner. So thats it for this post.
I still have other things that I wanna post coming up.