♚ A Day to Pamper Myself ♚

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Yes, its today that I finally decided to pamper myself with some masks!
I haven't been doing any facial mask for quite some time. I think its almost 2 months ever since I'm in the university. I think I just got lazy and always forget about doing face mask which I need to do every week. I'll usually only remember to do mask whenever I saw all my masks lying there without being touched for such a long time.

So today I just digged a few of my masks out and start pampering myself as well as planning to improve the condition of my skin. I suffered from whiteheads, blackheads and acne since my last final exam but now my skin is not as terrible as it was. I still get acne here and there nowadays. Since I'm wearing makeup almost everyday to work except for Sunday (non working day), I'll make sure I clean my face properly to avoid any future breakouts. So what I usually do is I used my Clarisonic Mia to wash my face after I remove all my makeup at night, which is during I take my bath after coming home from work (after 6pm). Please tell me by leaving a comment if you want to know how I remove my makeup. I will try to do a post on that.

Ok so below are the pics for the masks I used :-

Step 1, I start off by cleansing my face with Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser (Oily Skin) and then I used the Baviphat Mango Magic Brightening Mask. I leave this mask for 3 minutes (max) then only I rinsed it off with water.

Step 2, I used the Nature Republic Thanks Garden Grape Pack to helps normalize the skin cell turnover periods. Then I rinse it off with water after leaving it for 10 minutes.

Step 3, after that I apply a generous amount of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, which is great for drying up the pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. Then I remove it with water after 15 minutes of application.

Step 4, lastly I put on the Nature Republic White Therapy Brightening Mask to helps brightened up my complexion. I leave it about 15 minutes and then I rinsed it off with water. Then I finished it off by applying skincares.

I am not usually that hardworking to do so many masks a day. Usually it depends on my mood...hahahaha!
Anyway, do mask once a week can really helps to improve your skin so please don't be so lazy like me ^^. I will try to be more hardworking next time for the sake of my skin. I'll recommend paper mask for those lazybumps like me..teehee. I have oily skin, so those who have problematic skin such as oily skin, acne -prone skin and have a lot of whiteheads and blackheads should used clay mask every week or twice a week. For dry and normal skin, can opt for moisturizing and hydrating masks. Make sure you check the ingredients of the mask if you have sensitive skin.

I think thats all for the sharing for today. Will post and share more often in the future.
Bye for now! Please do leave me a comment if you have any questions you wanna ask or doubt about, I will be very glad to answer them. Also please like my Facebook page. Thanks.

Grace Tan

My K-Favourite ♫♪♫

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Good evening, peeps! So as mentioned in the title of today's post is about my K-favourite. So whats K-favourite???? Do you have any idea on this? Yes? No?
Okay...so K-Favourite here means my korean favourite. I am a huge k-pop fan, which means I love Korean music, drama, movie and definitely those pretty and handsome idols! Yay, for being a k-pop fan!
I purposely take Korean language as my subject for my foreign language class just because I love k-pop.
Ok, so back to the topic. Wondering which idols I love? I am a uber huge and loyal fan of Park Shin Hye!

Do you know who is Park Shin Hye? Park Shin Hye is an actress that is best known for the roles of "Go Mi Nam" in the 2009 television drama "You're Beautiful", "Lee Gyu Won" in the 2011 drama "Heartstrings" and "Go Dok Mi" in the 2013 drama "Flower Boy Next Door". Please do check her out if you haven't. She is also a model and singer. Park Shin Hye is super duper talented, she is so good in sports such as playing billiards, bowling, baseball, fishing, kickboxing, swimming, and others.
I hardly see any actress who is so good in almost everything...Really!! I think the only thing that she not really good is her vocal which is not good enough to be considered as an idol. So thats the reason why she chose to change her path from to be debut as a singer to become an actress, because she knows that her vocal is not powerful enough to be an idol (singer). The most important thing is that she has very good personality. She is so humble and nice. Shin Hye is such a great actress that excellent in acting, modelling, singing, dancing and also being an MC. One word....Incredible! She is younger then me but I'm totally impressed by her.

Currently, she is my role model for keeping myself fit. I will show you on of her picture that will make you drool and surprised, because Shin Hye is a girl that usually show her innocent, cute, bubbly and lovely personality. But because of the photoshoot, Shin Hye got to show the other side of her which surprise everyone including her fans (Starlight Angels)!

[Beware of Pictures Whoring!] So here is the pictures of Park Shin Hye!

(Pic above) Park Shin Hye with her puppies Bong Ji & Nori..cute isn't it?? My mom said both puppies looked like a toy!

Shin Hye at red carpet event.

(Pic above) Park Shin Hye with Song Joong Ki

(Pic above) Park Shin Hye with Yoon Shi Yoon ---both act in Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

And here is her eye capturing pictures that I mentioned just now!!!







Her photoshoot with Lee Jong Suk for Jambangee.

Love her to death...!!!! She is my motivator to slim down now. Ya, I gained weight! I gained about 3 kg during CNY. Eat Eat Eat then now I became a Fat Fat Fat girl!!! Jeez...so so jealous when I saw this pic. She lost her baby fat so fast! I want my body be like hers! Lets lose weight and burn our fats together..ladies!!!!

This post gonna be a never ending one if I were to talk about the other idols I love...hehe...so I will talk about other k-pop idols in another post...!
Also please do check out her International Fan Page - PARK SHIN HYE INTERNATIONAL FANCLUB
So that's all for now. Feel free to leave me a comment. I will try to update my blog although I'm tired after work. ^^Love y'all. Hope you all will give love me too.

Grace Tan ♥

Sunday Hang Out

Sunday, February 24, 2013
A Sunday hang out with the boyfie at Queensbay Mall, one day after Valentine's Day which is on 15 February 2013. We didn't celebrate Valentine's day together but we went hang out on Sunday. We did not purposely celebrate Valentine, we just go out for a walk. We watched 'I Love Hong Kong' movie and had our lunch and dinner together. We also took some pictures there. 'I Love Hong Kong' movie is so funny and more nice to watch as compared to last year's version. I laughed till I really cried in the cinema. There are a lot of movies that I wanna watch but I just don't have the time...! Below are some pictures we took, cause I saw some pretty wallpapers near Seoul Garden restaurant so I just take out my S2 to snap some pictures.

We just went home after our dinner. So thats it for this post.
I still have other things that I wanna post coming up.


CNY Pics

Hey y'all! I mentioned that I'm gonna post up some photos in my previous post. If you're chinese, you will definitely know that today is the last day of Chinese New Year -- Chap Goh Mei ( 15th day of CNY). So I am still not very late to post up my CNY photos hehehe..I actually took very less picture this year. Dunno why, I think I just don't have that kinda mood for this CNY. Usually I will get super excited for CNY but just not this year. Really weird. Also, if anyone who knows me will definitely say I am not who I am, because every year I will definitely get new haircut, dye my hair and even perm my hair right before CNY. But, this year I didn't do anything to my hair at all, not even a new haircut. This seems very weird to my friends.
Which is so not me. Have I changed? Maybe I just don't have the mood to do anything.

Also now only I notice that I forgot to upload a lot of pictures to my Facebook. Arghh...a lot of things to do. Ok, I will stop rambling for now. Will come back again for more pictures and blog post! Also please do check out my Facebook page and Youtube channel.

(Picture above) This is the preparation we have done the day before Chinese New Year, which is 29th night.
Mandarin oranges represent as Gold in which we called it 'Kam' in Cantonese. So 'Kam' here means gold in Cantonese. But for your info, I'm a Hokkien. This mandarin oranges also means bring us a lot of gold = money $$$$. So in other words, it represents Wealth. Thats why we can see a lot of mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year!

We also have pineapple during CNY, which also means 'Ong Lai', good luck (Ong) and comes (Lai ) in hokkien. So pineapple brings good luck to us! We have others too, but I couldnt mention all.

These are the red packets (Ang Pows) I received from my boss and his family during the first day back to work of CNY.

And these are all the red packets I get for CNY!!!! This year, 2013 is my big fatty year! Lolx...I get more ang pows this year if were to compare to previous years of CNY.

What a nice pose of my dad viewing the beautiful vase and plant at my aunt's house. I managed to capture this beautiful pose!!!

I'll end my post with the pictures of me and the boyfie.
Happy Chinese New Year
And Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!!

Y'all as always. Hope this 2013 will bring abundance of auspicious luck to everyone!

Grace Tan

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 15, 2013
Yooo!! Hi, back again! I think I am not too late to wish Happy Chinese New Year. And yesterday is Valentine's Day so hows everyone's Valentine's Day??? Wanna know mine?! Actually I celebrate it with my family by having a normal dinner at the food court. I don't really mind if I didnt receive any prezzie during Valentine as I only care more for my birthday. Weird for you all but normal for me. What did you all get for Valentine's day? Dont mind to share it with me...teehee =D

Some update about the progress of current life. I actually in Sem 8 right now, which is my last semester of my degree. Therefore, I'm having my internship at my hometown, Penang. I actually already started my internship on 4 February 2013 (Monday) before Chinese New Year. The company that I am intern in is Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. Its a No.1 webhosting company in Malaysia. I will have to intern at Exabytes for 4 months according to my course. If you guys do read my older post in my blog, you definitely know that I am taking Bachelor of Marketing in UUM. Marketing is totally different from webhosting, thats why a lot of my friend and relatives keep asking me why did I chose this company to intern in since my course is not related to webhosting. So here is my answer to them: I just simply apply the company that offer marketing's position for intern and of cause I do evaluate based on the location, the allowance, environment of the company before I decide to apply and go for the interview. It is definitely a very huge and new challenge since I have ZERO knowledge about webhosting!

I will tell more about the company in my next post. I hope you won't be bored with it. Oh by the way, my positing in the company is Internet Marketing Trainee. This is definitely my new chapter of life. Learning how to socialize and build your network with the people in the working industry.

I'm goin to hang out with my boyfie on Sunday since we didn't even celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday. I have been so busy with spring cleaning, preparing the house for Chinese New Year and intern, I never even get to take a good rest at home doing nothing. So tiring...Hectic! Hopes everyone is safe and healthy.

See you in my next post. Cya!

My Nightmare =(

Friday, October 12, 2012
Hi all.
I just suddenly felt that I wanted to do a blog post just to update my blog...hahax, I know I'm lazy =P
Ok, so how should I start? hmmm...It'll be a long post! BEWARE..

Ok so the story goes like this. I went back to my uni on Sept to be ready for my new semester study after a 2 months long break. On that day, when I reached my dorm I started carrying all my stuff from my dorm's pantry/ store room where we kept our belonging during the semester break to my bedroom and unpacking them. So until now everything go smoothly just like usual. And my NIGHTMARE was about to begin.
So after unpacking those stuff, my bf suggest to have our dinner at Dannok, Thailand (which is about 30minutes away from my uni) with my roommate. And we drove there, so after parking our car we walked together to Dannok's immigration to chop/stamp my passport by the immigration officer. I accidentally tripped and sprained my left leg's ankle while crossing the road to go queue in order to get my passport being chop/stamp!!!!

YES, my NIGHTMARE already started! I try to stand up to walk properly but I couldn't, so I walked using my right leg ( i think u can imagine that). I think you should been thinking that I will go back directly to see the doctor without having my dinner, right? But, I just continue queueing and after that I walked to a Steamboat Bbq Restaurant to eat my dinner with that kind of condition. My leg is super duper painful of course, but I still need to eat my dinner. After finishing my dinner, my leg is much more painful than before till I couldn't let my leg to touch the floor, which is uber painful to the extent that my tears almost fall down from my eyes. Can you imagine that?!

I never experienced this before, its my first time sprained my ankle terribly. So what to do?!!!
My bf insist to piggyback me, so he did it although I don't want him to do so because everyone who is eating in the restaurant is looking at me, which is a bit embarassing for me although I'm so much in pain.
Then, we went to find someone who has a bike that can rent to us, in order to get us to the custom/immigration to chop our passport.
I think we are so lucky because we managed to get someone to ride us to the immigration by bike after 5 minutes of walking distance from the restaurant. So 3 persons on a bike, squeezing ourselves on a bike till we get to the immigration. It a lucky thing to me, its not easy to get someone to get you a bike. Of course its not free, he asked us to pay him 50 Baht = RM5 but we paid him RM 10.00,just because he is my saviour...lolz...!

Then we went to search for some clinic in Changlun after coming out from Dannok. Unfortunately, all of the clinics are closed because it is already about 10pm by that time, and Changlun's clinic don't open till that late.
So we have no choice, and I suggest to go to the nearest government hospital which is at Jitra, using the GPS because we don't know the way to get there. It took us about half hour to reach the Hospital Jitra. The doctor checked my ankle just by asking me to move my leg, then she told me that I didn't fracture my bone so there is no need for me to go X-ray my leg. Its kinda big relieve for me hearing that.

She then just prescripts some painkiller, other medicine, bandage and also issues 3 days MC (medical leave) for me. Then thats the end for that night.

This is my definite Nightmare!!!! I hate myself for spraining my ankle so so much.
So here is a picture of my left leg and right leg for comparison.
My left feet swelled like a bun after a few days, which scares me off :-

So I immediately called my bf and ask him to bring me go to get Malay's traditional massage (urut). So he bring me to Baling to get treated, after 2 hours trip of going to Baling what the Tuk Haji (a malay old uncle) did was he adjust and placed my bones back to the original place just in 5 minutes. Its such a miracle that I could feel that my ankle was less painful than before, but there is still a bit painful due to the veins and my muscle which need some time for healing. For your information, that old uncle is professional in doing this because he learned his skills from Thailand.

Then, we went to another malay guy to get traditional massage for my feet. That guy told me that my feet swelled like a bun is because of the wind in my veins, so he massage my vein to get rid of the wind. After the massage, I find myself burping non stop (releasing those wind) and my feet did not swell already just that there's still some pain at the vein. So I went there again on the other day for my 2nd treatment (last treatment). So currently, my feet is still healing by itself and I still couldn't walk properly like usual and I couldn't walk for a long period. And no heels of course, I think it'll take me more than 2 months to recover completely.

I keep this unlucky accident as a secret so only some of my friends and my bf knew it only.
I dun wanna make my family worry about me. This is obviously not a good news for me to spread around.
I have classes that I should to attend once I came back to uni, but luckily I got MC from the doctor so I dont have to worry about my attendance.
NO MORE SPRAINED ANKLE!!!! I HATE IT SO MUCH especially my friends treat me like an OKU. Instead of OKU which stands for Orang Kurang Upaya but they called me OKU for Orang Kelainan Upaya!!!! OKU means a disabled person. But the OKU my friend called me means a person with special different ability...I'm not sure is it correct..hahaha

So that's the end my of sprained ankle's story...!
*Annie (my sis), if you're reading this pls keep this as a secret!!...LOLX *
Also for those who knew me and read this also must keep this as a secret ya, thanks alot!

Grace Tan

Family outing ♥

Sunday, August 26, 2012
So today, me and my family went to Queensbay Mall to have some window shopping and run some errands. We have our dinner at the Siam Express. I kinda love Siam Express's for their yummy Thai food. Not all the dishes are delicious but most of them are. So yeah, its my CHEAT DAY....heehs

Do you know what is CHEAT DAY????
Erm...basically CHEAT DAY is a day where I pamper myself with foods that are 'so-called' NOT HEALTHY. I have been trying to make myself eat healthily every day as possible as I can. I want a healthy fit body and not a skinny body that is anorexia, which is SUPER DUPER not healthy at all...at least to me. I am not saying anyone here, I'm just talking about myself. I started to watch Cassey Ho aka Blogilates on Youtube since the end of July and she really inspired me a lot to keep myself healthy, so I started to exercise and do more of her workouts as well as jotting down all my food intake in my food diary or food journal. This is to enable me to watch my calorie and food intake.

Ok, so back to the topic for today. Actually I don;t have much thing to say about. Hahaha....erm after the dinner, we went to Daiso. I'm actually looking for cheap A4 paper folders with dividers so that is why I went to Daiso just to find some paper folders but unfortunately I couldn't find any. So we just went back home after that. Below are some camwhoring...heehs, enjoy :-


Mom & Dad

Grace Tan ♥

Trip to Sitiawan, Perak

Saturday, August 25, 2012
I went to the Tua Pek Kong Temple which is located at the Kampung Pasir Panjang Laut, Sitiawan at Perak with my mom and her colleagues. We went there to pray and its my first time going to Sitiawan. I love the giant statues of the god and goddess at the temple. This temple is renovated so prettily with all the huge statues that is so so different from the typical temples that we have in Penang.

The weather there is kinda hot in the morning and it will be more hotter when the sun comes out during the noon. So if you plan to visit to Sitiawan then I'll advise you to slap on more higher spf sunblock to protect yourself from getting sunburn. I also posted the Sitiawan haul video on my youtube channel. If I were to recommend you on what food to buy at Sitiawan, then I'll recommend you to get the biscuits that are freshly made or out from the oven because the biscuits that are already packaged are not as yummy or delicious as the one that are just out from the oven. Also, must get the rice vermicelli or vermicelli (Mee Suah) which are very popular in Sitiawan and also must get the Seaweed and Codfish Crackers. Most of their well known food I'd showed in my haul video. I will link my video down here too.

Below are some pictures that I took :

Sitiawan Haul (play this vid to see it)

This is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac, Snake....

Yea, me and my mom are Snakes....LOLX....I mean our Chinese Zodiac is snake. The statue is so pretty!
I hope I can go for vacation more often in the future!
So thats all for this post.

Grace Tan ♥