FOTD Dramatic Smokey Purple!

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Hi ladies, i havent been doin a EOTD or either FOTD so here is my new FOTD for u ladies! I m using my new 88 matte palette for this look..hope u ladies enjoy my pic over here and i will be uploading this tutorial on my youtube channel very soon so stay tune for more vids coming on my youtube channel!

My 88 Matte Palette...WooHoo!!!!

Hi ladies! I m back to my hometown for a week, yay! So sad that i m going back to my university by saturday..*most probably*..i missed my family so so much that i dont wanna leave them!! sob sob...but anyway i have bought a eyeshadow palette! So happy that i never regret buying it. This palette is similar to the one that Coastal Scents sell but this palette is absolutely not from Coastal Scents nor any company because it dont have a company name on it so i dont know where is this palette actually come from but i believe its made in China just like the one that Coastal Scents sell. This is a 88 matte palette but some of the colours are satin texture and some have abit shimmer in it! And the awesome thing about this palette is that all of the 88 colours have a great colour payoff which means they are absolutely PIGMENTED!!! Highly recommend this palette to anyone and beginners as well! U'll gonna love here are those pictures ..tadaa..

Collective Haul August Part 2!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

And here is my part 2 vid on my august haul video!i film it for quite a long time but nv upload it so here it is! hope u enjoy my vid and remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my blog!

I really really missed u ladies and i cant stop doing my videos haha although i am kinda busy in my uni right now but i will try my best to upload vid or blog when i have my free time. My uni's internet connection is kinda suck so pls bear with me.

I will be busy through this whole semester because i have lots of assignments and exams coming up so i hope u ladies pls forgive me and be patient and hope u can understand my situation! I will appreciate that! Oh ya..i forgot to mention that i still have haul video coming up very very soon! So stay tune for more vid.

Can i have some request???? Haha..i want u ladies to comment on an anything u like because i just wanna 'upgrade' or 'improve' myself so u can give me advise or ask me any question u like! Thanks u so much, cya =)

My Collective Haul for August Part 1!!

Hi ladies..sorry for being mia for a very long here is my video on my collective haul..sry for being late to upload it and this is a very bad quality video because i am using my laptop webcam to film it. Hope u all enjoy my haul and there will be part 2 coming up soon so stay tune for more vids!

enjoy =) email me or send me a comment if u need me to do any reviews on the item i have purchased!