STPM is Over...woohoo

Saturday, December 6, 2008
Hihi..i just finished my exam....tadaa..i m so so happy because i can enjoy my holiday d..haha...really excited..but i m searching for part time job or any job. U noe y??? money crisis lerrr...haiz no money d..i wanna go shopping..haiz...muz go working d!!! I m free looooo

Merry Christmas !!! Tadaaa....:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
HoHoHo....Merry Christmas...m i wishing u all too early? oh no of coz..becoz i m not the only who is wishing to celebrate it, haha. I can hear a lot of Chinese New Year's songs been played EVERYDAY at my apartment that i m living now...can u imagine how scary it is...i think he/she should be very excited to celebrate chinese new year so do u still thinking i m wishing u all Merry Christmas too early???? haha..hmm anyway here is an announcement for u u wanna noe wat it is???
It Is

My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway!!

Happy???? Haha...and here is the link u can visit to read the post :

so enjoy reading my blog!!! wish u all luck ya muakzz...