FOTD : Candy Pink + Purpleeee

Monday, May 25, 2009
So here is another face of the day that i have come up with because i was just inspired by my candy pink nails and i think it should be fun to do this FOTD so hope u ladies like what i did..haha...anyway u can see this tutorial on my youtube! Check it out!

Enjoy :p

NOTD : Candy Pink !!!

Aloha, yup today i goin to post the nail of the day which means what i'm wearing right now on my nails so stay tune for more pics!!!! I absolutely love this nail polish, such a pretty colour and hope u ladies like it too...remember to follow my blog!

Enjoy :)

FOTD Dramatic Brown Eyes

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Aloha! My birthday is happy! Hahaha can't wait for it..and the most happy things is can celebrate it with my best friends as well as can receive presents!!! Hooray..i love presents..ok I dont wanna talk much lets move on to my pictures that i have took after doing this look, basically i wanna do this tutorial is because i havent try neautral looks so far like using earth tone foe example using brown colour or taupe or whatever in this category so since i buy some cosmetics from cindy aka cindilosophy so why not try a look using those cosmetics that i recently buy...and here is the results!!! U can view this tutorial on my youtube, check it out! Hope u enjoy!

Latest Collective Haul Vid

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FOTD Dramatic Tinkerbell

Monday, May 18, 2009

Those pics were taken quite a long time if u follow my youtube vids..hahaha hope u dont mind..enjoy!

Crap... as u can see from the title I'm goin to crap in this post..hahahaha..*crazy*...ok first of all i wanna say that i m goin to use my new email account which is and no longer be using my old hotmail anymore because that account was closed by the msn....*WOOT* WAT THE HELL!!!! I myself also dunno what happen to my account actually, i m trying to reopen that account and it still in progress so that is y i open a new account for myself just in case that old hotmail cant be open anymore. I'm sorry for any inconvenience...I'm so so sad because that was my main email that i used for a long long long time..sad case..*sob sob* i am trying to get all my frens to add me in my new busy with work and stupid email!!! Anyway thanks for reading my craps haha..I felt abit relieve after voicing out my prob!! Stay tune , bye!


Hi guys, I knew that i seldom blog nowadays coz i m super lazy to type and i dont know what to type..hmm i will try my best to update my blog if i havent forget abt it haha...i think i can do more vids then blogging..i promise i will try my very best to upload my vids as well as to blog. so pls stay tune for my upcoming post. I am running out of idea so can u pls giv me more request so dont be hesitate to request, comment or whatever u wish to tell me to do for u. I will try to help u if I can. My next post is going to be a collective haul and if u wanna see whats that u can always go to my youtube page and watch those vids..drop your request on the chatbox or comment on my post..Thx!