Sunday Hang Out

Sunday, February 24, 2013
A Sunday hang out with the boyfie at Queensbay Mall, one day after Valentine's Day which is on 15 February 2013. We didn't celebrate Valentine's day together but we went hang out on Sunday. We did not purposely celebrate Valentine, we just go out for a walk. We watched 'I Love Hong Kong' movie and had our lunch and dinner together. We also took some pictures there. 'I Love Hong Kong' movie is so funny and more nice to watch as compared to last year's version. I laughed till I really cried in the cinema. There are a lot of movies that I wanna watch but I just don't have the time...! Below are some pictures we took, cause I saw some pretty wallpapers near Seoul Garden restaurant so I just take out my S2 to snap some pictures.

We just went home after our dinner. So thats it for this post.
I still have other things that I wanna post coming up.


CNY Pics

Hey y'all! I mentioned that I'm gonna post up some photos in my previous post. If you're chinese, you will definitely know that today is the last day of Chinese New Year -- Chap Goh Mei ( 15th day of CNY). So I am still not very late to post up my CNY photos hehehe..I actually took very less picture this year. Dunno why, I think I just don't have that kinda mood for this CNY. Usually I will get super excited for CNY but just not this year. Really weird. Also, if anyone who knows me will definitely say I am not who I am, because every year I will definitely get new haircut, dye my hair and even perm my hair right before CNY. But, this year I didn't do anything to my hair at all, not even a new haircut. This seems very weird to my friends.
Which is so not me. Have I changed? Maybe I just don't have the mood to do anything.

Also now only I notice that I forgot to upload a lot of pictures to my Facebook. Arghh...a lot of things to do. Ok, I will stop rambling for now. Will come back again for more pictures and blog post! Also please do check out my Facebook page and Youtube channel.

(Picture above) This is the preparation we have done the day before Chinese New Year, which is 29th night.
Mandarin oranges represent as Gold in which we called it 'Kam' in Cantonese. So 'Kam' here means gold in Cantonese. But for your info, I'm a Hokkien. This mandarin oranges also means bring us a lot of gold = money $$$$. So in other words, it represents Wealth. Thats why we can see a lot of mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year!

We also have pineapple during CNY, which also means 'Ong Lai', good luck (Ong) and comes (Lai ) in hokkien. So pineapple brings good luck to us! We have others too, but I couldnt mention all.

These are the red packets (Ang Pows) I received from my boss and his family during the first day back to work of CNY.

And these are all the red packets I get for CNY!!!! This year, 2013 is my big fatty year! Lolx...I get more ang pows this year if were to compare to previous years of CNY.

What a nice pose of my dad viewing the beautiful vase and plant at my aunt's house. I managed to capture this beautiful pose!!!

I'll end my post with the pictures of me and the boyfie.
Happy Chinese New Year
And Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!!

Y'all as always. Hope this 2013 will bring abundance of auspicious luck to everyone!

Grace Tan

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 15, 2013
Yooo!! Hi, back again! I think I am not too late to wish Happy Chinese New Year. And yesterday is Valentine's Day so hows everyone's Valentine's Day??? Wanna know mine?! Actually I celebrate it with my family by having a normal dinner at the food court. I don't really mind if I didnt receive any prezzie during Valentine as I only care more for my birthday. Weird for you all but normal for me. What did you all get for Valentine's day? Dont mind to share it with me...teehee =D

Some update about the progress of current life. I actually in Sem 8 right now, which is my last semester of my degree. Therefore, I'm having my internship at my hometown, Penang. I actually already started my internship on 4 February 2013 (Monday) before Chinese New Year. The company that I am intern in is Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. Its a No.1 webhosting company in Malaysia. I will have to intern at Exabytes for 4 months according to my course. If you guys do read my older post in my blog, you definitely know that I am taking Bachelor of Marketing in UUM. Marketing is totally different from webhosting, thats why a lot of my friend and relatives keep asking me why did I chose this company to intern in since my course is not related to webhosting. So here is my answer to them: I just simply apply the company that offer marketing's position for intern and of cause I do evaluate based on the location, the allowance, environment of the company before I decide to apply and go for the interview. It is definitely a very huge and new challenge since I have ZERO knowledge about webhosting!

I will tell more about the company in my next post. I hope you won't be bored with it. Oh by the way, my positing in the company is Internet Marketing Trainee. This is definitely my new chapter of life. Learning how to socialize and build your network with the people in the working industry.

I'm goin to hang out with my boyfie on Sunday since we didn't even celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday. I have been so busy with spring cleaning, preparing the house for Chinese New Year and intern, I never even get to take a good rest at home doing nothing. So tiring...Hectic! Hopes everyone is safe and healthy.

See you in my next post. Cya!