CNY Pics

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Hey y'all! I mentioned that I'm gonna post up some photos in my previous post. If you're chinese, you will definitely know that today is the last day of Chinese New Year -- Chap Goh Mei ( 15th day of CNY). So I am still not very late to post up my CNY photos hehehe..I actually took very less picture this year. Dunno why, I think I just don't have that kinda mood for this CNY. Usually I will get super excited for CNY but just not this year. Really weird. Also, if anyone who knows me will definitely say I am not who I am, because every year I will definitely get new haircut, dye my hair and even perm my hair right before CNY. But, this year I didn't do anything to my hair at all, not even a new haircut. This seems very weird to my friends.
Which is so not me. Have I changed? Maybe I just don't have the mood to do anything.

Also now only I notice that I forgot to upload a lot of pictures to my Facebook. Arghh...a lot of things to do. Ok, I will stop rambling for now. Will come back again for more pictures and blog post! Also please do check out my Facebook page and Youtube channel.

(Picture above) This is the preparation we have done the day before Chinese New Year, which is 29th night.
Mandarin oranges represent as Gold in which we called it 'Kam' in Cantonese. So 'Kam' here means gold in Cantonese. But for your info, I'm a Hokkien. This mandarin oranges also means bring us a lot of gold = money $$$$. So in other words, it represents Wealth. Thats why we can see a lot of mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year!

We also have pineapple during CNY, which also means 'Ong Lai', good luck (Ong) and comes (Lai ) in hokkien. So pineapple brings good luck to us! We have others too, but I couldnt mention all.

These are the red packets (Ang Pows) I received from my boss and his family during the first day back to work of CNY.

And these are all the red packets I get for CNY!!!! This year, 2013 is my big fatty year! Lolx...I get more ang pows this year if were to compare to previous years of CNY.

What a nice pose of my dad viewing the beautiful vase and plant at my aunt's house. I managed to capture this beautiful pose!!!

I'll end my post with the pictures of me and the boyfie.
Happy Chinese New Year
And Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!!

Y'all as always. Hope this 2013 will bring abundance of auspicious luck to everyone!

Grace Tan