Awareness through My Very 1st Contest!!! =P

Friday, November 26, 2010
Hi everybody so here is my very first contest video on youtube!!! Yay!!

Check it out for the next video on the prizes!!!
Hope you guys could enjoy this contest and at the same time bring more awareness to the public about animal testing which is a very cruel act especially those cosmetic or makeup companies!!!

Help the animals out! Heal the world

Lovely quotes for lovely angels

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Dear my lovely readers, here is a quote for today that I wanna share with you guys. Hope you like it!!!! :P 
Beauty walks in bravest dress,
And, fed with April's mellow showers,
The earth laughs out with sweet May-flowers,
That flush for very happiness.
Cya and love y'all  <3 

Marie a la Mode ???? Read below!!!

Hi peeps, again here is another giveaway that i wanna share with you guys!!! Awesome right? so here it is, a giveaway that will end on 30th November as well and this giveaway is by Marie a la Mode which is the title of this post.

So what you gonna do is just go the blog by clicking this link -----> Marie a la Mode Giveaway #3 or just type this

So that all for now!
Cya peeps, <3 Love y'All !!!!


Hey ladies and gentleman out there, as u can see the title of this post u know that there's a giveaway but not by me and this giveaway is by Starryxuan so check her out for this great giveaway!!! Good Luck, guys!!!

Check her blog entry here ---->

This giveaway will end by 30 November 2010 so faster join the giveaway before its over!!!

Cya, ladies...<3 y'All

from, Gr@cE


Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Hihihi, did u miss me?
Its funny that i have been abandoning my blog again! Lolx i felt really sorry for my readers and of course myself! I have non-stop of my examinations, projects and bla bla bla in my university :/ i really hate being busy with loads of works!!! I should have blame myself on not utilizing my time properly. And now i am facing my final exam and still i am slacking around because i am back in my hometown.
I should have some determination on study...lols i really hate myself and i'm not a genius so i should work 2x more than others but instead i m more lazy. Sad case. I will come back with another post of my HG Products tomorrow, i guess. Hahaha i need to study now REALLY!!!! Oh, i will do a post on my fav. food for this week too and i think its a healthy and cheap one. Besides that, i am back to my diet plan coz i know that i am getting fatter than before but still i have the same weight which is 44.5kg. But i am still not satisfy with it, although my weight looks great but my appearance and body shape are not! So yeah, thats all for now. Cya tomorrow!