Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Hihihi, did u miss me?
Its funny that i have been abandoning my blog again! Lolx i felt really sorry for my readers and of course myself! I have non-stop of my examinations, projects and bla bla bla in my university :/ i really hate being busy with loads of works!!! I should have blame myself on not utilizing my time properly. And now i am facing my final exam and still i am slacking around because i am back in my hometown.
I should have some determination on study...lols i really hate myself and i'm not a genius so i should work 2x more than others but instead i m more lazy. Sad case. I will come back with another post of my HG Products tomorrow, i guess. Hahaha i need to study now REALLY!!!! Oh, i will do a post on my fav. food for this week too and i think its a healthy and cheap one. Besides that, i am back to my diet plan coz i know that i am getting fatter than before but still i have the same weight which is 44.5kg. But i am still not satisfy with it, although my weight looks great but my appearance and body shape are not! So yeah, thats all for now. Cya tomorrow!