Back for a moment!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Hi ladies, i have been gone for quite a long time! did u ladies miss me? haha i am at my university now and will be studying and staying here in the hostel for 4 years! Its was a long period of time...i dun really like my life here because i cant go back to my home frequently although the distance is quite near than other states. I have to take the campus bus when i wanna go to my class because this is a very big university where u cant choose to walk all the time unless the block of hostel that we are staying is near to the lecturer hall! Or else u will have to take the bus. the food here is mainly Malay food so if u dont like malay food u have to buy your food from the mini market or any supermarket that is out of the university! For your information, u still have to take the bus or a taxi to get out of the uni because the supermarket is quite far away from the uni. The uni is not near to the town but it was in forest actually! U might meet some animals like monkeys or maybe pig, or tiger if u r eally unlucky, haha...thats call jungle/forest!!! Ok i will stop my nonsense till here for this moment because i have assignments to do! Cya ladies..will always miss u all! Bye..