Pink Look...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is another of my new try out for pink look...the pink colour dun really stands out but i like the colour on my eyes...hehezz anyway i will post more pics and update my blog once i am free to do u know i m going to sit for my STPM exam very very soon...its a headache for me..huh..ok bye!!

New Look!!

Hi all..this is the look i have tried out using elianto's eyeshadow and also silky girl's product. I love this look. It made me look so so dramatic..haha..ooh.. i hv a baby face and chubby cheek..but i am sad of having a round face...even my friends would tease me on that...haha...i like using Kate concealer. It is so good on covering my scars and also my really works and i highly recommend it!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Huh...exam ( STPM ) is around the corner...i need some motivation coz i really cant set my soul and mind for the exam....oh i need help..pls god...give me some motivation!! I'm so so stress i cant stay focus to study my subjects...i m so so sad to see my trial results...very very bad..the only subject that is totally out of my expectation..y?..because i failed my account!!...thr should not be any failed subject to be listed in my result slip...if not i hv to delay my study to my uni...n the most bad thing is i hv to retake my acc paper if i fail it in stpm...sob sad...need to put more hard work on it...hopefully thr is miracle that will happen on me...haha..anyway..good luck to everyone too n enjoy ur