A day out ^^

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Hey ladies, i'm back to blog again..hahazz. Feel funny about the silly me but i'm juz trying not to be MIA for this few weeks because i will be back to school..ahem..i mean university, which is on 11th of July 2010. So i dun think i have time to take pics and blog again like NOW, but i hope u can understand my situation ya. Okay so i will stop rambling and currently i m really into snacking..haha..i love craving these (pics of snacks below). Well, of coz they r DELICIOUS..yummy! But watch out ur diet so that u wont gain weight or become fat juz because u r craving these snacks!!! I still watch my diet & weight, dun wanna get fat either. So here is the pics of it, tadaaa......

1. Handcraft Egg Roll (sry, i dont know what brand is it)

2. Beryl's Potatochip Chocolate - this was bought by my sis (absolutely yummy, u gotta try it)

And my sis, my bf, my bestie - Pauline & I went to Queensbay Mall, Penang for movie, dinner and some shopping for my birthday prezzies from by bf..hehezz...but i'm not showing u my prezzies in this post yet. I promise i will post it up..*y i always forgot about*.....so be calm, ya. Anyway, we have our dinner in Manhattan Fish Market and we ate this (pics below) =D. It is so so yummy and i cant stop myself eating those fish, scallops, oysters, prawns and etc. The rice is yummy too. It is fried garlic rice and those seafood is fried using tempura flour. I also like the fries and its compatible with Mc'D french fries...=P, feeling hungry now???!!!

~ Bf having his peppermint [?] drink, cute post ^^~

So thats all for today and i will do more blog post when i'm free later on! Cya..muakzz

CamWhores!!!! OverLoaded...

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Camwhore time!!?? Lolx i took lots of funny and cute pics so first of all, here are my outfit of the day which is kinda formal.

Oh god, i look FAT in the pics..ish!!!

This is wat i wore last week to my Mary Kay's unit meeting and of coz i wouldnt go with my sleeveless-t only but i also top it on with my blazer that i got it from a great deal at Padini stores! Oh..the pants i wore on the 1st pic is from Padini as well. I loves Padini's clothes coz they are kinda reasonable n good in quality!

Okay, now wat next?? hmmph...so here is my those crazy pics...LOLx i m juz being so random here and its kinda funny for me to do it...and here it...

haha i felt so funny looking at my own crazy facial expressions...*imitating Hwang Tae Kyung*

This is the pic i love most with my peace sign..hehezz...and cute mini poofff on my head...=D and below is my cute bf's pic...hehezz

caught sleeping with a cute post on a mini jersey look alike pillow...Gotcha!!!

....crazy post...guess who are they!!!???
well, let me tell u who r they then. My mom (left) & my sis (right)...zZzz

Hahaha...those crazy pics are juz for fun n entertainment purpose...Thx to all my models in the pics, ya!! Catch me on my coming blog post, cya!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010
Hey ladies, so now i m goin to do my update, ahem..did anyone know my birthday is coming soon????....nah..i dont think u know it!!! OK! so my very first update will be ...My birthday is coming soon which is .....9th June!! Hurray!! Gonna get more prezzies this year and i'm getting older..haha. Going to 21 yrs old already, shud i be happy or sad?? LOLX but of coz i choose to be HAPPY coz i can get lots of PRESENT! *claps*

Next, i will update my birthday celebration with family and bf's pics that i will take as well as all the pics of my presents that i got from my bf & parents too...thats the most exciting part!

Well, i still got some collective/bday haul pics that i need to post it up here but i dont have the time to do it yet so pls bear with me ya. I know i should blog frequently, anyway i will try my very best to do it for u ladies.

I want presents!!!! LOVE prezzies..who dont love it??!!
Oh ya, another update is i think i will be MIA again on the 18 - 28 June & as well as once my next semester starts (11 July). And i will be going to Pulau Langkawi, Kedah with my bf for a holiday trip. My first trip with my bf and i'm very exciting about it, cant wait to go with him! I havent been to Langkawi since i am 7 yrs old, can u imagine how long i havent visit to Langkawi! I had missed alot especially the new view, buildings and etc which i think i am kinda outdated!

I will take more pics and of coz go SHOPPING at DUTY FREE! Hehezz, thats my nature & retail therapy! So now i have to save more money...no buying cosmetics for now!!!! COSMETICS, CLOTHES, SHOES, BAGS & SKINCARE ARE TEMPTING!!!!! I just cant resist to get my hand on them..hmm..anyway its enough for my stupid rambling & crap so i will stop here for now.