CamWhores!!!! OverLoaded...

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Camwhore time!!?? Lolx i took lots of funny and cute pics so first of all, here are my outfit of the day which is kinda formal.

Oh god, i look FAT in the pics..ish!!!

This is wat i wore last week to my Mary Kay's unit meeting and of coz i wouldnt go with my sleeveless-t only but i also top it on with my blazer that i got it from a great deal at Padini stores! Oh..the pants i wore on the 1st pic is from Padini as well. I loves Padini's clothes coz they are kinda reasonable n good in quality!

Okay, now wat next?? here is my those crazy pics...LOLx i m juz being so random here and its kinda funny for me to do it...and here it...

haha i felt so funny looking at my own crazy facial expressions...*imitating Hwang Tae Kyung*

This is the pic i love most with my peace sign..hehezz...and cute mini poofff on my head...=D and below is my cute bf's pic...hehezz

caught sleeping with a cute post on a mini jersey look alike pillow...Gotcha!!!

....crazy post...guess who are they!!!???
well, let me tell u who r they then. My mom (left) & my sis (right)...zZzz

Hahaha...those crazy pics are juz for fun n entertainment purpose...Thx to all my models in the pics, ya!! Catch me on my coming blog post, cya!!