Saturday, June 5, 2010
Hey ladies, so now i m goin to do my update, ahem..did anyone know my birthday is coming soon????....nah..i dont think u know it!!! OK! so my very first update will be ...My birthday is coming soon which is .....9th June!! Hurray!! Gonna get more prezzies this year and i'm getting older..haha. Going to 21 yrs old already, shud i be happy or sad?? LOLX but of coz i choose to be HAPPY coz i can get lots of PRESENT! *claps*

Next, i will update my birthday celebration with family and bf's pics that i will take as well as all the pics of my presents that i got from my bf & parents too...thats the most exciting part!

Well, i still got some collective/bday haul pics that i need to post it up here but i dont have the time to do it yet so pls bear with me ya. I know i should blog frequently, anyway i will try my very best to do it for u ladies.

I want presents!!!! LOVE prezzies..who dont love it??!!
Oh ya, another update is i think i will be MIA again on the 18 - 28 June & as well as once my next semester starts (11 July). And i will be going to Pulau Langkawi, Kedah with my bf for a holiday trip. My first trip with my bf and i'm very exciting about it, cant wait to go with him! I havent been to Langkawi since i am 7 yrs old, can u imagine how long i havent visit to Langkawi! I had missed alot especially the new view, buildings and etc which i think i am kinda outdated!

I will take more pics and of coz go SHOPPING at DUTY FREE! Hehezz, thats my nature & retail therapy! So now i have to save more money...no buying cosmetics for now!!!! COSMETICS, CLOTHES, SHOES, BAGS & SKINCARE ARE TEMPTING!!!!! I just cant resist to get my hand on them..hmm..anyway its enough for my stupid rambling & crap so i will stop here for now.