A day out ^^

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Hey ladies, i'm back to blog again..hahazz. Feel funny about the silly me but i'm juz trying not to be MIA for this few weeks because i will be back to school..ahem..i mean university, which is on 11th of July 2010. So i dun think i have time to take pics and blog again like NOW, but i hope u can understand my situation ya. Okay so i will stop rambling and currently i m really into snacking..haha..i love craving these (pics of snacks below). Well, of coz they r DELICIOUS..yummy! But watch out ur diet so that u wont gain weight or become fat juz because u r craving these snacks!!! I still watch my diet & weight, dun wanna get fat either. So here is the pics of it, tadaaa......

1. Handcraft Egg Roll (sry, i dont know what brand is it)

2. Beryl's Potatochip Chocolate - this was bought by my sis (absolutely yummy, u gotta try it)

And my sis, my bf, my bestie - Pauline & I went to Queensbay Mall, Penang for movie, dinner and some shopping for my birthday prezzies from by bf..hehezz...but i'm not showing u my prezzies in this post yet. I promise i will post it up..*y i always forgot about*.....so be calm, ya. Anyway, we have our dinner in Manhattan Fish Market and we ate this (pics below) =D. It is so so yummy and i cant stop myself eating those fish, scallops, oysters, prawns and etc. The rice is yummy too. It is fried garlic rice and those seafood is fried using tempura flour. I also like the fries and its compatible with Mc'D french fries...=P, feeling hungry now???!!!

~ Bf having his peppermint [?] drink, cute post ^^~

So thats all for today and i will do more blog post when i'm free later on! Cya..muakzz