FOTD Dramatic Brown Eyes

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Aloha! My birthday is happy! Hahaha can't wait for it..and the most happy things is can celebrate it with my best friends as well as can receive presents!!! Hooray..i love presents..ok I dont wanna talk much lets move on to my pictures that i have took after doing this look, basically i wanna do this tutorial is because i havent try neautral looks so far like using earth tone foe example using brown colour or taupe or whatever in this category so since i buy some cosmetics from cindy aka cindilosophy so why not try a look using those cosmetics that i recently buy...and here is the results!!! U can view this tutorial on my youtube, check it out! Hope u enjoy!


Shuu said...

Oh nice color combination! ^_^

grace_cupid said...

oh thanks!just trying out the brown colour haha, grats u like it!