Collective Haul August Part 2!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

And here is my part 2 vid on my august haul video!i film it for quite a long time but nv upload it so here it is! hope u enjoy my vid and remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my blog!

I really really missed u ladies and i cant stop doing my videos haha although i am kinda busy in my uni right now but i will try my best to upload vid or blog when i have my free time. My uni's internet connection is kinda suck so pls bear with me.

I will be busy through this whole semester because i have lots of assignments and exams coming up so i hope u ladies pls forgive me and be patient and hope u can understand my situation! I will appreciate that! Oh ya..i forgot to mention that i still have haul video coming up very very soon! So stay tune for more vid.

Can i have some request???? Haha..i want u ladies to comment on an anything u like because i just wanna 'upgrade' or 'improve' myself so u can give me advise or ask me any question u like! Thanks u so much, cya =)