My Nightmare =(

Friday, October 12, 2012
Hi all.
I just suddenly felt that I wanted to do a blog post just to update my blog...hahax, I know I'm lazy =P
Ok, so how should I start? hmmm...It'll be a long post! BEWARE..

Ok so the story goes like this. I went back to my uni on Sept to be ready for my new semester study after a 2 months long break. On that day, when I reached my dorm I started carrying all my stuff from my dorm's pantry/ store room where we kept our belonging during the semester break to my bedroom and unpacking them. So until now everything go smoothly just like usual. And my NIGHTMARE was about to begin.
So after unpacking those stuff, my bf suggest to have our dinner at Dannok, Thailand (which is about 30minutes away from my uni) with my roommate. And we drove there, so after parking our car we walked together to Dannok's immigration to chop/stamp my passport by the immigration officer. I accidentally tripped and sprained my left leg's ankle while crossing the road to go queue in order to get my passport being chop/stamp!!!!

YES, my NIGHTMARE already started! I try to stand up to walk properly but I couldn't, so I walked using my right leg ( i think u can imagine that). I think you should been thinking that I will go back directly to see the doctor without having my dinner, right? But, I just continue queueing and after that I walked to a Steamboat Bbq Restaurant to eat my dinner with that kind of condition. My leg is super duper painful of course, but I still need to eat my dinner. After finishing my dinner, my leg is much more painful than before till I couldn't let my leg to touch the floor, which is uber painful to the extent that my tears almost fall down from my eyes. Can you imagine that?!

I never experienced this before, its my first time sprained my ankle terribly. So what to do?!!!
My bf insist to piggyback me, so he did it although I don't want him to do so because everyone who is eating in the restaurant is looking at me, which is a bit embarassing for me although I'm so much in pain.
Then, we went to find someone who has a bike that can rent to us, in order to get us to the custom/immigration to chop our passport.
I think we are so lucky because we managed to get someone to ride us to the immigration by bike after 5 minutes of walking distance from the restaurant. So 3 persons on a bike, squeezing ourselves on a bike till we get to the immigration. It a lucky thing to me, its not easy to get someone to get you a bike. Of course its not free, he asked us to pay him 50 Baht = RM5 but we paid him RM 10.00,just because he is my saviour...lolz...!

Then we went to search for some clinic in Changlun after coming out from Dannok. Unfortunately, all of the clinics are closed because it is already about 10pm by that time, and Changlun's clinic don't open till that late.
So we have no choice, and I suggest to go to the nearest government hospital which is at Jitra, using the GPS because we don't know the way to get there. It took us about half hour to reach the Hospital Jitra. The doctor checked my ankle just by asking me to move my leg, then she told me that I didn't fracture my bone so there is no need for me to go X-ray my leg. Its kinda big relieve for me hearing that.

She then just prescripts some painkiller, other medicine, bandage and also issues 3 days MC (medical leave) for me. Then thats the end for that night.

This is my definite Nightmare!!!! I hate myself for spraining my ankle so so much.
So here is a picture of my left leg and right leg for comparison.
My left feet swelled like a bun after a few days, which scares me off :-

So I immediately called my bf and ask him to bring me go to get Malay's traditional massage (urut). So he bring me to Baling to get treated, after 2 hours trip of going to Baling what the Tuk Haji (a malay old uncle) did was he adjust and placed my bones back to the original place just in 5 minutes. Its such a miracle that I could feel that my ankle was less painful than before, but there is still a bit painful due to the veins and my muscle which need some time for healing. For your information, that old uncle is professional in doing this because he learned his skills from Thailand.

Then, we went to another malay guy to get traditional massage for my feet. That guy told me that my feet swelled like a bun is because of the wind in my veins, so he massage my vein to get rid of the wind. After the massage, I find myself burping non stop (releasing those wind) and my feet did not swell already just that there's still some pain at the vein. So I went there again on the other day for my 2nd treatment (last treatment). So currently, my feet is still healing by itself and I still couldn't walk properly like usual and I couldn't walk for a long period. And no heels of course, I think it'll take me more than 2 months to recover completely.

I keep this unlucky accident as a secret so only some of my friends and my bf knew it only.
I dun wanna make my family worry about me. This is obviously not a good news for me to spread around.
I have classes that I should to attend once I came back to uni, but luckily I got MC from the doctor so I dont have to worry about my attendance.
NO MORE SPRAINED ANKLE!!!! I HATE IT SO MUCH especially my friends treat me like an OKU. Instead of OKU which stands for Orang Kurang Upaya but they called me OKU for Orang Kelainan Upaya!!!! OKU means a disabled person. But the OKU my friend called me means a person with special different ability...I'm not sure is it correct..hahaha

So that's the end my of sprained ankle's story...!
*Annie (my sis), if you're reading this pls keep this as a secret!!...LOLX *
Also for those who knew me and read this also must keep this as a secret ya, thanks alot!

Grace Tan


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LOL what la. Aiya I won't tell la. No worries =.= Yeah, i just read. Now ok d bo?

Grace Tan said...

ok d...tell u when i get back