Family outing ♥

Sunday, August 26, 2012
So today, me and my family went to Queensbay Mall to have some window shopping and run some errands. We have our dinner at the Siam Express. I kinda love Siam Express's for their yummy Thai food. Not all the dishes are delicious but most of them are. So yeah, its my CHEAT DAY....heehs

Do you know what is CHEAT DAY????
Erm...basically CHEAT DAY is a day where I pamper myself with foods that are 'so-called' NOT HEALTHY. I have been trying to make myself eat healthily every day as possible as I can. I want a healthy fit body and not a skinny body that is anorexia, which is SUPER DUPER not healthy at least to me. I am not saying anyone here, I'm just talking about myself. I started to watch Cassey Ho aka Blogilates on Youtube since the end of July and she really inspired me a lot to keep myself healthy, so I started to exercise and do more of her workouts as well as jotting down all my food intake in my food diary or food journal. This is to enable me to watch my calorie and food intake.

Ok, so back to the topic for today. Actually I don;t have much thing to say about. Hahaha....erm after the dinner, we went to Daiso. I'm actually looking for cheap A4 paper folders with dividers so that is why I went to Daiso just to find some paper folders but unfortunately I couldn't find any. So we just went back home after that. Below are some camwhoring...heehs, enjoy :-


Mom & Dad

Grace Tan ♥