Finally BACK after years!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Wow....I'm FINALLY BACK blogging again! I know I have abandoned my lovely blog for such a LONG LONG LONG time that I can't say enough. YES, I'm still alive and still doing great with my study in the uni. My uni's life going to end very soon, which is kinda sad for me. I do really enjoy my uni's life only being bombarded with assignments and projects as well as other activities I have when I joined AIESEC. I'm currently goin to enter my semester 7 in the coming September 2012 and enjoying my semester break now after finished my final exam of semester 6 in the July 2012.

So I'm free to back to blogging. I could never think of abandoning my blog for so many years! Its ridiculous, because I have been so passionate in blogging ever since I start my blog but I couldn't blame myself for being busy with my uni's stuff and stop blogging. LOLZ Finding excuses for myself???!!! I actually still keeping filming and making videos on my youtube channel so I hope you guys who still be my loyal blog readers that are still reading my blog can check out my videos on youtube too. I know I'm not one of the popular youtube gurus but I just wanna share my life to you all, just a sharing! I couldn't believe that I'm actually blogging at this time...I should be sleeping now instead of blogging....zzZZzzz

Anyhow I just wanted to tell you all that I'm OFFICIALLY BACK!!! Hahahahaha....*being crazy alr*
Will be doing more blog post before I'm back to my busy state again in uni. Hopefully I will work my plan!
Cya lovelies!!

Grace Tan