Little update

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Hi ladies, i have uploaded my latest vid on youtube so remember to check it out, ya! So the main purpose is i wan to update u ladies that i am going to enter university on the 28th June. My university is at Sintok, Kedah which is not the place i am staying right now because my hometown is Penang but i should feel lucky because Kedah is still the nearest state to Penang among other states in Malaysia and this will allow me to come back visit Penang frequently!!! I need to attend 1 week of orientation at my uni so i wont be able to surf the net for 1 week which is actually a mental and also physical torture for me *woot* !!! I dont have time to online this few days due to the mess of my preparation to enter uni and they only give me one week to prepare my documents, banking and also my stuff that need to bring to uni's hostel. This means that i am going to move to my uni's hostel for 4 years because i am doing Marketing at UUM (University Utara Malaysia) but i still can come back to Penang when i have semester break and holiday! I am always looking forward to the semester break and holidays, hahaha...never enter uni yet already start to think of the holiday d..haha!!! If u ladies got any question u can leave me a comment or on the chatbox on the right bar >>> thanks for reading my crap(update)