Collective Haul

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Hi ladies, I'm back haha..sorry because i havent been blogging for a long time and also youtubing! I'm just so lazy to upload videos that takes me ages to upload them and thats the main prob that freaked me out everytime i am trying to upload my videos that i have film for quite a long time. Haha i so sorry for that and that even makes me lazy to blog..blehhh *excuse* *excuse* so i made a few videos on the same day or either same week once i remember to do them! But i am running out of ideas on what video or post that i should to do so if u got any ideas pls dont be hesitate to comment on my youtube vids or comment it here, u can even comment me if u have any questions or reviews that u want me to do for u! I will be very happy to do that for u ladies! this is the collective haul video! hope you enjoy watching it =.= !!