Friday, March 13, 2009
Hi everybody..r u all doin great nowadays? i m fine over here so now i wanna talk cause i havent been blogging for so long and i miss u all but i m not away i just sit n watch lots n lots of videos on youtube of my fav. gurus on beauty or makeup! u all can find me at youtube as well with the username : gracecupid...haha i hope i can do more haul n makeup tutorials for u guys out there and hope u guys can subscribe, rate, comment and request on my vids! thanks alot and i will surely appreciate that! Oh by the way i get my stpm result already & i m very sad with it so i m not goin to talk about it! pls dont ask me regarding my result too! haha..ooh ya remember to use the code E268 for www.eyeko.com when u wanna purchase anything from their website in order to get your free gift from them during your checkout! i would recommend you all to try their 3 in 1 cream and others, they r cute in packaging and they important thing is they have free shipping worldwide!

Stay tune for more and there will be haul coming on my youtube n here as well!

So thats all for today's update..love ya! bye!


Somaly said...

hey love. just wondering if you would be interested in some contacts. ounsreysomaly.blogspot.com