M.A.C Palette....its fake...but...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hi guys..this is my first post in my blog...so i wanna share with u all about what i found lately...so i'll started with introducing the fake mac palette to u all out thr...huh ok so this is a fake one that i bought from my mom's friend...n its quite cheap and not as expensive as the genuine mac..haha of coz...erm what i wanna comment about this fake mac is...its pigmented n it is a cream eyeshadow palette as u can see through the pics that i have posted...actually it dont harm our skin...n...what i most like about it is...the eyeshadow really bring out the colours n it is very pigmented although i knew that this is a FAKE MAC!!!...maybe u will think that i should support real mac...but actually i m equal in both as any products that is good in quality n it suits me than i m on it...n to say that i m a person who loves Genuine MAC....trully...*haha*...anyway...this is my comment about it..so if u wanna tell me anything just leave me a msg at the chatbox or email me...thx..bb

If you wanna try out the fake MAC i have bought u may email me or leave me a msg
The fake MAC is limited in quantity i may get for you....i only receive order from Malaysia but not Sabah & Sarawak...u will have to pay for the shipping...thats all for now..bb


miemiemie said...

hi there!:) I have read some stuff about those fake mac eyeshadows and they are pigmented as they say..I personally haven't see any fake mac stuff..hehe

Digital Angel said...

I saw this same palette on ebay, and they said that "100 % authentic MAC" I was like,really ? but it's so cheap! Thx for information. It was a fake lol I am glad I didn't purchase one ;)